AM/FM/WB Amplified 12V Antenna

AM/FM/WB Amplified 12V Antenna

M1 Marine 6.5

M1 Marine 6.5" Full Range Speakers - ColorOptix™

Custom Loudspeaker Grilles

We are able to offer custom speaker grille solutions to discretely incorporate a wide range of exterior or interior loudspeakers into any interior or exterior scheme. Often, and more commonly with exterior marine speakers, the bulky designs of the waterproof speaker housings remain at odds with a clean exterior design. With a custom grille solution, marine-grade loudspeakers with plastic housings can continue to be used without disturbing the carefully designed installation environment. By using this approach, a manufacturer can continue to provide their clients with the most appropriate and popular loudspeakers which are perfectly suited to the application whilst not compromising on the aesthetic.

This is a custom solution and minimum quantities are required in order to be able to develop a tailored solution.  Size, shape and finish can all be adjusted to suit the speaker and aesthetic required.

Typically, the speaker grilles are constructed form marine-grade stainless steel.

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