Luna TM Spotlight

The Luna spotlight range contains some of our most advanced LED technology in an elegant adjustable spotlight.  The Luna TG is the largest of the adjustable anti-glare family and features a powerful 5 watt LED module. The Nichia™ LED chip produces a very high quality LED output with an average colour rendering index of 95. The spotlight is waterproof from both the front and rear and is available in various lens angles and colour temperatures.

  • Interior & exterior spotlight with chrome plated bezel
  • Adjustable fitting - max. 16° tilt
  • Excellent anti-glare properties with recessed LED source
  • Galvanised brass face, chrome plated
  • Custom finishes available on request
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Anodised aluminium heatsink
  • Multiple lens angles available
  • Available in numerous white colour temperatures as well as red
  • CRI>90


From £174.06 £145.05
CE Marked
Product is designed, assembled and tested according to European norms and conformities and meet the relevant EU directives.
Class III
Low voltage fitting, voltage below 50V.
Suitable for inflammable surfaces
The F symbol has been abolished from the EN 605598 normative and different symbols are now used for identifying if the fitting is not suitable for normally inflammable surfaces. For convenience we will continue to use the old F symbol.
IP65 ingress protection
Dust tight, protected against water jets.
Recessed ceiling installation
Recessed ceiling installation.
Product for exterior application
Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
Classified under photobiological risk group EN 62471
Classified under photobiological risk group EN 62471
Adjustable Spotlight
Angle of light output can be manually adjusted.

Heat Dissipation


Heat dissipation is key to the performance and longevity of LED lighting.  Our Power LED modules have been carefully designed to ensure that the heat is taken away from the LED chips and dissipated through the incorporated heat sink designed into the product housing.

Circuit board temperatures are closely monitored during the development phase of each product and appropriate heat dissipation can then be accurately calculated to ensure that product will continue to perform for many years.


Power Regulator


The 10-30Vdc power regulator is always a remote item on the power cable of the fitting.  This offers numerous advantages over alternative methods used by competitor brands.  Keeping the power regulator separate reduces heat build-up on the LED circuit board and therefore increases performance and longevity of the LEDs. 

Remote regulators can also be easily removed so that the product can be powered directly with the correct amperage, very useful for integration in some mains voltage applications.



Anti-glare Design


The LED chips are positioned deep within the body of the fitting.  This helps to minimise glare and ensures that you see the effect of the light, not the source.

(Plutone TG pictured) 

Not All Cones Are Equal


A choice of lens angles is available for this product which means that the perfect output can be selected for any given project.  Selecting either standard, medium or narrow lenses can have a large effect on the overall lighting effect.


Photometric data shown below for Plutone TM spotlight which shares same output as Luna TM.  Photometric data for various lens angles shown below:


More Information
Weight (kg)0.30
ManufacturerForesti & Suardi
Light Element TypePower LED
Rotation Angle± 16°
Input Voltage10-30Vdc
IP RatingIP65
Bezel Size (mm)Ø70.00
Cut-out Size (mm)Ø60.00
Depth (mm)50.00
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