Wilton Modular Sofas

Wilton Modular Sofas

Bella Dining Chair

Bella Dining Chair

sahrai L Armchair

Sahrai L is part of the collection with the same name, with a polished steel frame topped by a padded cushion, upholstered in soft leather.

The Sahrai range, which includes a pouf, lounge armchair and coffee table, is inspired by the famous director’s chair with an “X” shape, “flipped” horizontally, and then used to create the base of this collection. The rest is down to the leather details, the padding and the metallic finishes which breathe life into these incredibly refined objects.



All Frag furniture products are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

Thick Leather

Thick leather usually has its original shape still more or less intact and is tanned in order to avoid deterioration.

Tanning, the classic method of treating leather, can be either vegetable- or salt-based. The former is a process based on the use of natural tannins sourced from trees. This is the classic method, as well as being more eco-friendly. It is used to create natural thick leather, compact and sturdy, designed to stand the test of time. This method of working the leather brings through the pattern of the individual species. As each hide has a story of its own, so each chair is a unique and original piece – absorbing the traces of our life over time, ageing without breaking. Salt-based tanning, known as ‘chrome tanning’, is the most common form. This method uses salts that create highly stable compounds together with the reactive compounds in the hide. This method of tanning results in leather that is soft, tough, flexible and almost impermeable.



Frag expands and completes its selection of coverings with a renewed range of fabrics and colors, proposing them in combination or in substitution of leather and hide, broadening the solutions of its lifestyle.

Next to leather and hide, the company opens its doors to precious velvets, cloth, bouclé, chenille, birdseye fabric, which fits the products in the collection like a dress. The choice of different materials, patterns and colors multiplies the possibility of creating daring mix-and-match or elegant ton sur ton.


The Hides

All the hides used by Frag are from cattle destined for the meat industry and sourced from supervised European farms. This guarantees a high-quality tanned product, considering the low risk of damage to the hide.

This type of hide is often thin. Unlike thick leather, it is soft and has significant elasticity. It is extraordinarily tough yet breathable, and after undergoing various tanning processes, it becomes water resistant, anti-static and flame retardant. Frag hides pass the Product Environmental Footprint test, affirming the reduction of the environmental impact during the tanning process, and they are certified by Leather from Italy – Full Cycle, guaranteeing a 100% Italian production cycle.




Wood – natural, precious, strong – is one of the most classic materials in the world of furniture and is also the material more structurally tested.

Robust and flexible at the same time, wood immediately refers to the concept of home and living spaces. Within the Frag catalog, the presence of different types and finishes responds to different stylistic and housing needs, passing from lighter shades, almost northern European in taste, to darker ones.



Metal is a material that allows the creation of different shapes and profiles such as curves, straight lines and angles, allowing the creation of resistant and light products.

Even, in its outward appearance metals can look different thanks to varnishes or plating more austere and rigorous or more showy and luxurious. The chameleonic aesthetics and the structural properties of this material make it a precious element in the Frag catalog, which uses metals not only as an architectural element but also as a decorative component.



Marble is a precious material, sculptural, timeless, able to immediately convey a sense of prestige to the eyes of the beholder. In fact, its name derives from the ancient Greek, marmaros, “shining stone”.

The types of marble available in the catalog of Frag want to mark the classic aesthetics of this stone and its timeless beauty, selecting a rose of famous quarries. Quality such as Carrara, Brown Emperador and Calacatta are chosen with special attention to the production chain and the care for the smallest detail.



Glass evokes the purity and cleanness of the forms, typical of modern and refined living. Due to its intrinsic characteristics, glass is a material capable of lighting up spaces and the surrounding environment.

Alongside the classic and timeless extra-clear tempered glass variant, Frag offers some alternatives in its catalog. For example, the smoked and rearvarnished versions are two surfaces capable of reproducing an evergreen like glass in a new contemporary and trendy look.


Other Materials

The company dedicates a separate section to the more unique materials and finishes, the result of an aesthetic research that aims to mix different tastes and styles within the Frag world.

Among these, the concrete effect refers to an industrial and brutalist architectural style of the 50s and 70s. In the catalog of the brand, the use of this surface is sometimes matched by affinity, with the rigor of metal and other times, by contrast, with the warmth of leather, and wood.

More Information
Length (mm) 710.00
Height (mm) 770.00
Width (mm) 710.00
Seat Height (mm) 420.00
Manufacturer Frag
Weight (kg) 27.30

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