We are the exclusive UK distributor for Tessilmare SRL, the creators of a wide range of marine fendering. We have both stainless steel and PVC fendering solutions for both pleasure and commercial vessels. Discover the possibilities and look through our range using the links below.







Sphaera is an innovative stainless steel profile with a Duralene® core. This particular design ensures that the profile cleanly follows the shape of the hull. The patented product design prevents deformation and allows it to be bent around difficult angles with minimal effort.   One of our most popular ranges of fender profile is Radial. The high-quality, durable, and attractive Patented Radial Rub Rail is perfect for all marine environments, on yachts, sailing boats, motorboats, docks, wharves, and much more!   Bino-X is an innovative and industry leading fendering solution, the first stainless steel fender profile without screws. The engineers at Tessilmare have used a new process in the construction of the Bino-X rub rail. The stainless steel insert is pressure fitted directly into the PVC base, meaning that you won’t see any unsightly screws on the stainless steel surface. This leaves you with a beautiful mirrored finish that will look fantastic on any super yacht or vessel.





End Caps and Accessories

The Bino profile comes manufactured in two separate pieces. It has a flexible base section that is fixed to the hull together with the stainless steel bar. The top piece then covers the screws or rivets, leaving a clean finish with no visible fixings. Bino is a medium to heavy duty fender profile and is suitable for pleasure or commercial vessels.   The Bumper PVC fender profile is an innovative design. Bumper is able to absorb large impacts, offering the hull great protection against damage, whilst remaining extremely lightweight for its size. Bumper is perfect for a large range of applications including leisure boats and commercial vessels as well as docks, wharves and much more.   There is a wide range of accessories for your Tessilmare fendering, including PVC and stainless steel end caps and joint caps.