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6x12mm side view neon flex with silicone body

6x12mm Mini Side View Neon Flex - Constant Voltage

Silicone Neon Flex LED Strip  - Side View 12mm x 20mm

Silicone Neon Flex LED Strip - Side View 12mm x 20mm

Silicone Ultra Mini Flexible Neon LED Strip IP67 - Side View - 4x8 - Constant Voltage

Silicone flexible neon LED strip with constant voltage chip technology.  This is one of the slimmest neon flex solutions available on the market.  At only 4mm wide, this neon flexible linear luminaire can be easily incorporated into most projects without the need for large channels or installation space.

This LED neon is made from silicone rubber which has excellent light transmitting characteristics.  The strip LED emits a seamless light with no dots or shadowing.  It is also IP67 rated and resistant to salt, weak acid and alkali corrosion, corrosive gases and UV damage.

Classified under photobiological risk group EN 62471
Classified under photobiological risk group EN 62471
CE Marked
Product is designed, assembled and tested according to European norms and conformities and meet the relevant EU directives.
Class III
Low voltage fitting, voltage below 50V.
Suitable for inflammable surfaces
The F symbol has been abolished from the EN 605598 normative and different symbols are now used for identifying if the fitting is not suitable for normally inflammable surfaces. For convenience we will continue to use the old F symbol.
IP67 ingress protection
Dust tight, protected against temporary immersion in water.
Recessed ceiling and wall installation
Recessed ceiling and wall installation.
Surface mounted ceiling and wall installation
Product for exterior application
Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
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A Premium Strip Solution


Constructed from Silicone rubber for excellent light transmission and strength

Environmental protection grade silicone material

Dot-free light output with no hot spots or shadows

IP67 rated for wet environments

3 years warranty





Voltage LED Pin Temperature Storage Temperature Ambient Working Temperature CRI
DC24V Max. 65°C -25°C - 60°C Min. -25°C Max. 45°C >90



Power (W/m) Efficiency (lm/W @4000K) Max. Run Length (Powered from Single End)
6 35.8 5m (CV)

Cable Type


Cable Type Image Specification Core Description
Rubber Inner core 24AWG 2 Grey V+ White V-


This silicone neon flex strip LED is suitable for both marine and architectural application.

Single Colour

CCT CRI Voltage (DC) Power (W) Lumen (lm/m) Efficiency (lm/w) Unit Length (mm) Max. Run Length* (m)
2100K±200 >90 DC24V 6 200 33.3 25 5
2400K±200 >90 DC24V 6 210 35 25 5
2600K±200 >90 DC24V 6 220 36.6 25 5
3000K±300 >90 DC24V 6 255 42.5 25 5
3500K±300 >90 DC24V 6 225 37.5 25 5
4000K±300 >90 DC24V 6 215 35.8 25 5
5300K±400 >90 DC24V 6 220 36.6 25 5

*Max. run figure is a single length powered from one end. If powered from both ends, this length can be doubled.

DIY IP67 End Connectors

This neon flexible strip is available with DIY IP67 end connectors only.  The neon can be purchased in reels and be cut and prepared by the customer or alternatively, the neon can be specified in specific lengths [according to the cutting intervals] and supplied for a plug and play installation.


The LED profile can be insterted into an anodised aluminium mounting channel or clips for a clean and durable installation.



More Information

More Information
Weight (kg) 0.400000
Light Element Type SMD LED
Material Silicone
Lens Angle 120°
Width (mm) 4.00
Height (mm) 8.00
Wattage 6 W / Metre
Input Voltage 24Vdc
IP Rating IP67
Dimmer Yes
CRI >90
Cutting Intervals (mm) 25.00
Luminous Flux (lm/M) 200 - 255
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -25° - +45°C
Strip LED Type Flexible Neon