Boat Hook

This exquisite boat hook is both a practical and beautiful solution for any boat owner.  Made from gloss carbon fibre and 316 stainless steel, the Boat Hook is a contemporary interpretation of an essential piece of deck equipment.

The Boat Hook features practical upholstered grip points along the fixed length which not only provide a more secure grasp when wet or dry, but also add a beautiful accent.  With an innovative and secure fixing bracket system, this is a boat hook to proudly display on-deck and a must-have accessory for beautiful yachts all over the world.


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Form and Function

The Boat Hook features machined 316-grade stainless steel collars and hook, gloss lacquered carbon fibre tube and hand upholstered waterproof fabric.  All of these beautiful details serve a practical purpose as well as combining to elevate the design of the Boat Hook.


The engraved collar is machined from solid 316-grade stainless steel and is mirror polished.  The unique shape of this collar is explained when securing the Boat Hook into its purpose-made wall bracket.  The bracket simply snaps into place around the collar, smartly securing the Boat Hook.  

Safety by Design

The unique design of the hook is a marked break in tradition.  The softened return of the hook reduces the risk of injury should the hook ever be accidentaly pointed directly at others on board.  With such a softened form, it also avoids damaging or scratching the yacht itself.

With much attention being paid to the hook design, the opposite end of the product hasn't been forgotten.  A non-marking and cushioning bump stop ensures that the Boat Hook not only prevents damage to teak decks when stood on its end but also provides an excellent contact surface between the Boat Hook and a hull side; useful when pushing another vessel away.   


The Boat Hook is strong and, thanks to the unique hook design, can be used to safely pass important items from boat to shore.  The simple hole in the hook end, provides a secure anchoring point for a number of uses.  It can also be used to fasten a line rather than just relying on the hook form itself.


The Boat Hook extends and locks in place with a simple twist and pull action.  It is an intuitive product to use and avoids any fiddly clamps or catches.  Once extended to the desired length, the product remains well balanced, even at over 2m long.

Neatly Stowed

As standard, the Boat Hook is supplied with an elegant bracket and clip mounting solution which allows the hook to be stowed either horizontally or vertically on board.  This means that the hook can be positioned in the most practical place for the yacht in question and it can be quickly and easily removed when needed.

It's in The Finish

As standard, the Boat Hook is supplied with marine-grade vinyl grips.  The launch edition of the Boat Hook will feature either an Azzurro or Copper material.  On request, other colours and materials can be used such as the exquisite Connolly Saddle leather as shown (on request).  


The hook of the product can be laser etched with any name or logo such as the yacht's name.  Alternatively, it is a great point for personalisation such as the client's initials.  Please contact us for personalised Boat Hook enquiries.

More Information

More Information
Diameter (mm) Ø50
Length (mm) 1370.00 - 2350.00
Length When Fully Extended (mm) 2350.00
Length When Not Extended (mm) 1370.00
Weight (kg) 1.550000