2200 Series Telescopic Ladder with Iroko Tread - 425mm Wide

2200 Series Telescopic Ladder with Iroko Tread - 425mm Wide

Automated Storage Lift Systems

Automated Storage Lift Systems

KN Series - Automated Sliding Worktop Systems

The sliding worktop mechanisms bring a practical and multifunctional solution to kitchens and bars whether on dry land or at sea. 


A sliding worktop extends the work space available in a kitchen environment. The countertop is never cluttered with sinks, taps or cooking appliances, in fact, more equipment can be specified whilst not compromising on the clear workspace needed for food preparation or other activities.


A sliding worktop can offer a dual use for a compact area, hiding a secondary use below.


Often, kitchens are designed to be clear of clutter and equipment. With open plan living spaces, designers seek to make the kitchen an extension of other living areas and our sliding top mechanisms provide the perfect solution. 


Our sliding top mechanisms can offer protection by concealing equipment such as a hob from unskilled hands.

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Now you see it, now you don't

Conceal sinks, taps or cooking equipment below a worktop to provide a clean, clutter-free environment as well as more practical and larger workspace.

The slide mechanisms can offer solutions in both a longitudinal or lateral direction to suit all projects.

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Manufacturer Sea & Symphony