SP607 Bathing Ladder Gangway

SP607 Bathing Ladder Gangway

LaPasserella - Electric Passerelle

A new concept and an excellent alternative to the traditional hydraulic automatic gangway.  LaPasserella is an all-electric boarding gangway offering some considerable advantages from an hydraulic unit.

  • Environmentally friendly - no hydraulic oil and a large reduction in the use of polluting materials such as plastic and rubber
  • Lightweight - not only is the actual gangway unit lighter than an hydraulic equivalent but there is also no requirement for a powerpack and associated hoses etc which saves around 30kg
  • Energy efficient - Removal of the power pack also offers a reduction in energy consumption.  LaPasserella's electronic control system has also been optimised to use less current than a standard gangway
  • Quiet operation - the electric system is very quiet without the usual hum or reverberation of a powerpack

More product information coming soon...

LaPasserella - Electric Passerelle

LaPasserella will initially be produced in 3 versions in lengths ranging from 2 to 4.5 metres. The passerelle is suitable for sailing and motor yachts alike. Contact us for more information and to register your interest in this exciting new product.


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